Three Types Of Lending For Investors

By | February 15, 2012

One of the most important aspects to investing in real estate is how you finance your property. Although all other factors may look favorable, having no or little access to good terms could be a deal breaker. Therefore, before doing anything else, it is important that you begin to line up some potential sources and explore what options are available to you.

There are various ways to start investing in homes, and each source has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Your exit strategy, the condition of the property and various other factors will play a part in how you may be able to finance each specific investment. So let’s explore 3 of these top sources:

Traditional Financing

If one of your strategies is to buy, hold and rent, then using banks may be a safe bet for some of your investment properties. This is a source that can be considered up front when a property is in considerably good condition. Most banks will not support the financing of a fixer upper until repairs are completed, due to the amount of risk involved.

Therefore, you may need to spend a little extra time searching for those diamonds in the rough. Traditional financing is extremely favorable, because you can usually get some of the best interest rates, terms and closing costs when approved. The process certainly will take longer than using cash buyers or hard money lending for example, but it can be worth the wait.

Hard Money Lenders

For those who will either be flipping a property or would need to conduct significant repairs in order to refinance may want to consider building a relationship with a hard money lender. It is advisable to shop around to at least 2 or 3 in your area when possible to see which terms you find to be most favorable.

These loans will come with much higher interest rates (typically 12% or more), points and some type of balloon payment near the end of the agreement. Hard money may be offered for 6 months to a year while the repairs are made, until the home is ready to be sold or refinanced for better rates.

It is important that investors are prepared to either rent out or lease-to-own their property if perhaps the home is unable to sell on the market quickly enough. Also, newbie investors beware! Flipping houses can be more difficult that it may seem, and you must have a solid plan in place so that you are not forced into a tight financial situation.

Private Lending

Before ever considering this option, it is strongly encouraged that you talk with a local attorney that specializes in SEC policies. Laws can vary on a state by state basis, so it is important that you have a good understand of those guidelines before building any relationships with private lenders.
However, when done correctly this can be a powerful resource available to you, that doesn’t require credit checks or adhering to all the strict guidelines enforced on mortgage companies. Private lenders can be nearly anyone who has access to the necessary funds for your purchase (i.e. your doctor, friends, family, or investor club).

Typically private lenders can receive anywhere from around 9% and up for their investment, which is secured by the property and can be a great investment for them based on today’s rates. Loans can be negotiated on a property by property basis so that each investor only funds the deals that they are comfortable with.

With these 3 examples alone, you may have all that is needed to start funding real estate deals. Therefore, take action now and begin building the relationships and networks of lenders that you will need in order to start investing.

Are you in need of referrals? Contact us today to access a list of preferred lenders that we will recommend for your investment business.

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Lakewood Ranch Ranks #9 in Top Selling Master-Planned Communities in the US

By | February 9, 2012

Nothing is so fine as being number nine!

Lakewood Ranch has just been ranked as the ninth best selling master-planned community in the United States!

The California-based John Burns Consulting has ranked Lakewood Ranch in the top 10 selling master-planned communities in the United States, with 391 new home sales in 2011.

Coming in at number 9, Lakewood Ranch outpaced many other well-established and iconic communities such as Stapleton in Denver, Summerlin in Las Vegas and more.

With the new sports campus, new commercial construction this year totaling upwards of $150 million, and new rental projects springing up, Lakewood Ranch has become the premier new-home destination on Florida’s West Coast!

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Sarasota – The Smallest Top-10 Destination In The U.S.!

By | February 8, 2012

Is it the warm weather? The awesome beaches?  … or just something in the water?

It doesn’t matter – people are moving to Sarasota in DROVES. Moments ago, Penske Truck Rental released their annual top-10 list of places to which people are moving.  For the second year in a row, Sarasota came in at #9.

Here’s the full list (Sarasota is the smallest city by far, and one of the warmest, too!):

1. Atlanta
2. Phoenix
3. Orlando, Fla.
4. Dallas/Fort Worth
5. Chicago
6. Houston
7. Denver
8. Seattle
9. Sarasota, Fla.
10. Charlotte, N.C.

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Sarasota History Alive 18th Edition

By | February 8, 2012

St. Armands Key has its roots firmly planted in John Ringling’s vision of becoming a beautiful residential area, with a centralized shopping and park feature to attract the well-to-do. What’s more, he knew that imported European statuary would add greatly to making this a reality. St. Armand’s has an interesting history.

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New Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

By | February 2, 2012

Mulling over a kitchen remodel but want to keep costs low? You’re au courant with today’s trends that emphasize options and high-tech wizardry at affordable prices.


Trend #1: Remodeling scales back

A new focus on moderation and value has entered the remodeling mind-set. Trends that are likely to show up in your kitchen next year include:

You’ll repair your existing appliances instead of replacing them, extending their life with good maintenance and care. If you’re replacing cabinets, you’re likely to build around your current appliances rather than choosing new models.

You’re scaling back your cabinetry purchases, with an increased emphasis on kitchen storage and functionality over elaborate decoration. For example, rather than stacked crown moldings throughout the kitchen, you’ll put your money into practical roll-out trays and drawer organizers.

Small-scale kitchen projects are big news. Changing out cabinet hardware, replacing a faucet, and refacing your cabinets upgrades your kitchen without major expense.

Trend #2: Simpler, warmer styles dominate

Fussiness and excess have faded away in favor of pared-back looks that present a more timeless, value-conscious style.

Cabinet decoration continues to streamline. For example, massive corbels, once fashionable as undercounter supports, will give way to sleeker countertop supports and cantelivered countertop edges. Stacked moldings will pare back or disappear entirely. Elaborately glazed finishes will yield to simpler paints and stains.

Kitchen finishes will continue to get warmer and darker, and feature natural and stained woods. Walnut especially is growing in popularity.  Laminate countertops will continue to surge in popularity, especially in contemporary design. The latest European-inspired laminates offer more textured and naturalistic finishes than ever before. While exotic wood kitchen cabinets are out of reach for most home owners, glossy, look-alike laminate versions can be had for about one-third the price.

Trend #3: Technology expands its kitchen presence

Many of the techno products and trends that relate to your smartphones and tablets have just started making their way into your local showrooms and home centers.

Appliances will be equipped with USB ports and digital screens so you can display your family photographs and kids’ artwork.

Smart, induction built-in cooktops ($500-$3,000) remember your temperature settings as you move your pans across their entire surface.

One light finger touch is all it takes to open the electronically controlled sliding doors of your kitchen cabinets — a boon to people with limited mobilities. You’ll pay 40% to 70% more for cabinets with electronically controlled doors than standard models.

You’ll be able to use your smart phones and tablets to control lights and appliance settings from anywhere you have a wi-fi connection, as well as to shop for appliances from major manufacturers.

You’ll be opting for LEDs for your recessed lights, under-cabinet task lighting and color-changing accent lighting. You’ll see more LED-powered pendants and chandeliers from major manufacturers as inefficient incandescent bulbs continue their march toward extinction.

A wide selection of affordable microwave ovens with convection and even steam features gives owners of smaller kitchen spaces more high-end cooking power.

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Sarasota History Alive 17th Edition

By | February 1, 2012

In 1907 Dr. Wilson purchased the home located on the southeast corner of Ringling Boulevard and South Orange Avenue from Edgar Ferdon, a local architect. The house was not only the Wilson home, but also Dr. Wilson’s medical office. He and his wife Fannie (the daughter of Sarasota pioneer C.L. Reaves) had two sons who were born in the home.

The Wilson house, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, was saved from demolition in 2004 and moved to its present location of 4012 Honore Avenue at Urfer Family Park.

Courtesy of Sarasota History Alive!

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February Events in Sarasota

By | January 27, 2012

Our winter season is in full swing. Take time to enjoy one or more of the many events and adventures in and around Sarasota! Check out just a few of the activities happening during the month of February:


Event or Activity


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More Information

Feb. 1st Drum Circle at Nokomis Beach Nokomis Nokomis Beach Drum Circle
Feb. 3rd Riverview High School Kiltie Marching Band Wind Ensemble Performance Sarasota RHS Kiltie Band
Feb. 4th 18th Annual Sarasota Highland Games and Celtic Festival Sarasota Sarasota Highland Games
Feb. 4-5th 18th Annual Siesta Key Craft Festival Siesta Key Arts Festival
Feb. 5th Sarasota Ski-A-Rees Season Opening Water Ski Show Sarasota Ski-A-Rees
Feb. 9-12th Greek Glendi – A Greek Festival Sarasota St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church
Feb. 9-20th The Florida State Fair Tampa Florida State Fair
Feb. 10-26th Circus Sarasota Sarasota Circus Sarasota
Feb. 11-12th 3rd Annual Downtown Bradenton Crafts Festival Bradenton Art Festival
Feb. 14th An Evening with Patti LuPone & Mandy Patinkin Sarasota Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
Feb. 14th Valentine’s Day at the Beach Siesta Key Sarasota County Parks & Recreation
Feb. 16th Get Down Downtown Street Party Bradenton City of Bradenton
Feb. 16th Ringling by the Bay – Yesterdayze Sarasota Ringling Museum
Feb. 18th Sarasota Exotic Car Fest Lido Key St. Armands Circle Association
Feb. 18th 5th Annual Bradenton Beer Festival Bradenton City of Bradenton
Feb. 18th Sarasota Succulent Society Plant Sale Sarasota Sarasota Succulent Society
Feb. 18-19th 30th Annual Cortez Fishing Festival Cortez Cortez Village
Feb. 18-19th 24th Annual Downtown Sarasota Festival of the Arts Sarasota Art Festival
Feb. 19th Joy of Jazz Concert Venice Jazz Club of Sarasota
Feb. 23-26th Venice Italian Feast and Carnival Venice Italian American Club of Venice
Feb. 25th Side by Side “Thrill of a Lifetime” Sarasota Sarasota Orchestra
Feb. 25th Celebration of Pets Fest at the Sarasota Fairgrounds Sarasota Escape to Sarasota
Feb. 25-26th Venice Antiques Show Venice Antique Shows
Feb. 25-26th Lido Tides Arts and Crafts Show Lido Key Art Fair Schedule
Feb. 27th Monday Night Movies – “A Beautiful Mind” Sarasota Historic Asolo Theatre
Feb. 29th Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Sarasota Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

Call us when you are ready to make your move! To search for homes in the area go to Search for Sarasota Homes. We’re here to help you every step of the way…call us today!

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Sarasota History Alive 16th Edition

By | January 25, 2012

This week we explore a Mediterranean Revival structure designed by architect Dwight James Baum as the Broadway or El Vernona Apartments. It became part of the Broadway Complex that Owen Burns developed in 1926. Today it is know as the Belle Haven. The complex consisted of the El Vernona Hotel (later John Ringling Hotel, the Broadway Apartments, the Sarasota Times Building, and Owen Burns Realty Office (later Karl Bickel’s home). Now only two of the four buildings are left, but they are still magnificent.

Courtesy of Sarasota History Alive!

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Sarasota History Alive 15th Edition

By | January 18, 2012

Today, many people look at the Marina Jack restaurant and boat docks and think they have always been here. Not so…They are just beyond where the Scots landed and built our first pier. It wasn’t much at first, and it has evolved over the years to become the park and marina we have today.

Courtesy of Sarasota History Alive!

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Sarasota Real Estate Statistics for December 2011

By | January 12, 2012

The Sarasota Association of Realtors just released the sales statistics for the month of December. They report that for the full year 2011, property sales of members of the Association jumped by 8.2 percent to 8,224, achieving the highest level since 2005. The surge in sales was accompanied by stabilization in the median sale prices, which now stand at $155,925 for single family homes and $156,800 for condos over the full year, and have not fluctuated much for the past 12 months.

Click Here to view the full report with statistical information.

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