Why *DON’T* Our Parking Lots Look Like This?

By | April 15, 2014

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I truly and deeply believe that the most effective ideas we come up with as humans address more than one need.  For more than a century, parking lots have been used for one and only one purpose: to park cars.  I think you and I can agree on the necessity of having nice, big parking lots (at least until they finally develop teleportation) but let me ask you this: what if we updated our idea of an effective lot and turned it into a positive for the community?

Here’s Why We Should Build These EVERYWHERE:

  • We live in the Sunshine State.  We’re bombarded with enough solar energy to fry ourselves crispy in just a couple of hours but we completely ignore the death rays in favor of the limited resources of natural gas and coal (which together account for 83% of the total electricity our state generates (http://www.eia.gov/state/?sid=fl).  Why not grab some free energy from the sun and use it to power our A/C systems?
  • Walking to our cars in the rain would be a breeze.  These aren’t just solar panels – they’re convenient awnings to keep us from getting wet even when it ISN’T sunny outside.
  • Our cars would last longer.  Without the direct glare of the sun our leather interiors wouldn’t crack as easily and the temperature inside the cars would be significantly cooler.
  • It would make it harder for the NSA to spy on us.  Have you ever done anything illicit in a parking lot?  I’m not saying that I have, but maybe I know someone who has – and with giant solar panels overhead it would be easier to get away with it.
  • We would look shiny from outer space.  Aliens might think twice about landing in Florida if they can’t stare directly at us without seeing sunspots.

Why *DON’T* Our Parking Lots Look Like This?

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