Sarasota is an Arts Mecca

By | November 23, 2013

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AnuTali2-300x200Here we go again… Sarasota is an arts mecca and last weekend can be a clear example of that!  Fortunately the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s new Executive Editor, Bill Church has a colorful, artistic way of painting the picture and has done so in his weekly Sunday commentary.  Truth is and he’s relatively new to the area, but he has an uncanny grasp already of what’s happening here!


Last weekend we had not only a debut of our new Sarasota Orchestra Conductor, Music Director Anu Tali, but an international acclaimed Chalk Festival and Classic Sand Sculpture Competition.  Every weekend is just as exciting in Sarasota!  I like to say that the most challenging part of living in such a lively beautiful community is trying to experience all of these events!  If you want to hear first hand all we have to offer, just give me a jingle..   I love to talk about my lovely Sarasota..


Thank you Bill Church for sharing your commentary with us…  read on!

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