Stone Crab Season is Here

By | October 19, 2013

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Stone Crab ClawsYES! October 15 was the start of stone crab season, those melt-in-your-mouth goodies from the gulf! The tasty pink crab claws can be found seasonally as the season runs from October 15 to May 15. This year though, prices have shot up due to a perfect storm of a bad season last year where so many fishermen this year decided not to even drop their traps and the government shut down. Those fishermen that were late to get their stone crab trap tags may have been shut out of the beginning of the season.

A strong claw season yields just about 3 million pounds but last year, the numbers were down to around 2 million. Typically, restaurant prices have medium crab claws at $10 this year, we found them at $15-$20 per pound. Regardless of the price, stone crab is a super treat at least once per year but make sure your restaurant serves them up with real butter! The fake stuff just isn’t the same! Enjoy…

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