6 Cheap Ways To Sell For More

By | October 17, 2013

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Hi, friends – first off, let me apologize for not writing for a couple of weeks.  I’ve been slammed with a tech seminar I chaired at the Sarasota Association of Realtors and my imminent new website rollout and the newsletters just got pushed further down the list.  I’ll make sure today is lots of fun :)  And don’t miss the viral video at the bottom.  It’s one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen.

Today’s topic is the 6 best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ projects to help you get more for less.

1. Change Out Those Old Switch Plate Covers

This one should be a no-brainer;  the average cost of a new switch plate is around 15 cents, so you should be able to deck out your entire home for under $5 (including a new screwdriver).  Dingy or off-white switch plates date your home and make it look older than it has to while brand-new, bright-white plates will give the aura of a remodel.  (Caveat: if you’ve got dingy or off-white outlets and switches, you might want to replace those, too – it’s ‘shocking’ how easy that can be :).

2. Paint, Paint, Paint!

New paint not only LOOKS great, but it also masks odors that old houses tend to have.  You know how you can buy ‘New Car Smell’ air fresheners?  Same principle, different store.  Invite your friends over for a pizza party and it’ll make your life easier.  A couple of 5-gallon pails will do the trick and it could easily help you sell weeks faster and at a much higher price.

3. Take It All Off! (the walls)

Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – will prevent a sale more than wallpaper will.  I’ve had sellers cycle through dozens of buyers before I convinced them to peel their walls just to have them sell to the next person through the door.  I know you love unicorns and roses, but PLEASE, take it down before we take pictures.  They’re just not for everybody.
4.  Umm … Clean Up?

You know how HGTV always shows homes the way people REALLY live?  Me neither.  When you’re trying to sell your toiletries should be put away, your clutter should be off the floor, and there shouldn’t be dishes in the sink.  If you can’t clean your home when you know there’s a buyer coming through, what does it say about how you live when there AREN’T any visitors?  Cost: Free.

5. Basic Landscaping

Curb appeal is really important.  It’s the first thing buyers see when they come up to your property and it can compel passersby to call on the sign; if you can stoke some interest without someone even getting through the front door, you’re already way ahead of the game.  A few plants here and there, ten minutes with an edger, a splash of color – you’ll be moved out in no time.

6. Set The Mood

I just realized that Barry White is not an attractive man.  That said, he knows how to set the mood – when you’ve got someone coming through, make sure you’re appealing to ALL the senses.  You want your home to smell right, be bright, feel nice, and … well, you can probably skip the taste part, but you get the idea.  Incidentally there’s a wives tale that cookies in the oven will help you sell.  That’s incorrect – science tells us buyers react better to clean, citrusy smells than heavy baking.  Food for thought.



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… And Now The Reason You’re REALLY Reading!

My mother-in-law sent this over about a week ago and it is, quite simply, BRILLIANT.  Apparently there’s a published dissertation somewhere reflecting the data herein but who needs it when you’ve got it sung to the tune of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY??

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