Is It Time To Buy Or Sell?

By | September 4, 2013

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I’ve been absolutely flooded with calls this week about the state of the market; most of the calls came as a result of the market stats I sent out showing that our market is steaming along at a record pace even through we’re in the dog days of summer (you can see the stats I’m talking about here).

If You’ve Got A House To Sell

If you’ve got a house to sell, you should know that we’re in one of the best environments to sell that’s been around in decades – especially if you’ve got a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house.  You should also know that it won’t last forever.  Houses are selling incredibly quickly and often with multiple offers.

A friend of mine asked me this morning about a foreclosure home with a massive mold problem (it’s so severe the listing agent won’t let anyone in the home without a signed waiver) and a roof that’s been leaking heavily for years.  That agent received 12 OFFERS in 12 DAYS – the easy math tells us that’s an offer a day on a home that’s a health hazard.  Think it’s going to sell under list price?  Think again.

Most homes under $200,000 are selling to cash buyers so there’s NO appraisal, NO icky loan underwriter, and TONS of flexibility.  I routinely sell homes for tens of thousands more than I really think they’re worth and I’m doing it quickly.  If you’ve got equity, I’ve got a buyer.

If You Want To Buy

If you want to BUY a house, things are a little trickier.  Remember the multiple offers I was talking about?  Yours might be one of those.  The interest rates are still way down (and going up!) and prices are still relatively low (and SHOOTING up!) but buyers no longer have the leverage to demand concessions or negotiate prices.  Now is an absolutely phenomenal time to get in but be prepared to be frustrated by competitive buyers.  You’re likely to lose out on an offer or two but a little patience with the process will pay off in spades.

Incidentally, I’ve recently picked up a new buyer’s agent and I’ve got another one on the way to help keep up with my buyers.  We’re well set up to serve you well in the event you want to purchase.  If you want to take advantage of the housing bust, the one kernel of knowledge you should take away from this letter is that every day you don’t buy is costing you money.

If You Want To Sell AND Buy

This is where things get really exciting :)  If you want to sell AND buy, right now you can a.) probably get a really decent offer for your home (though still at depressed prices) but b.) buy a home at a depressed price for an incredible interest rate.  You have to start your home search early so you’re ready to start making offers once your home sells but we can help guide you through the transition process and get you into a new place in no time flat.  I’m ready to work if you are!

And Now, The REAL Reason You’re Reading

This week’s viral sensation is seven minutes and two seconds of cartoon theme song awesomeness.  ‘Nuff said.


Interested In Buying or Selling?

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