Optimistic Outlook in Housing Market

By | August 19, 2013

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 WOW…here we are ALREADY more than half way through 2013. In reviewing my business plan year-to-date, I’ve noted that many of the economic and real estate predictions of Dave Liniger, Co-Founder and Chairman of RE/MAX International, such as, more buyers and sellers entering the market; home sales up; less distressed properties; mortgage rates remaining at an all time low have become reality.

For Dave’s Top Ten Real Estate Predictions CLICK HERE

That being said…If you are thinking of Buying or Selling real estate in Sarasota FL…Now is an excellent time!  Our summer months tend to be much slower than our winter ones and there’s less competition for the best homes when it’s hot outside.  If you’re thinking about buying, DON’T WAIT until 2014 – you’ll be competing with a massive influx of seasonal buyers who will scoop up the cream of the crop before you even know it’s on the market.

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