Sarasota Makes History with the First Golf Course in America

By | June 29, 2013

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Sarasota GolfWell, actually the history goes way back to 1886 but yes, it’s been said that Sarasota had the first golf course in America!

Thank you once again to our very special hometown historian, Jeff LaHurd! Jeff hits a ‘hole in one’ everytime he so graciously shares these stories with us. This past weekend he published in the Herald Tribune ‘evidence’ of John Gillespie’s bringing the sport of golf to our lovely Sarasota! Thank you Jeff!

Over the years it’s been rumored true, but I was never quite sure. How very sweet the story. Of course many of you are attracted to our area for the not only the abundance of golf, but the opportunity to play year round! Who wouldn’t be drawn to our area? I’m lucky to have the opportunity to show properties in many of these golf communities! Visit Sarasota and visit all that we have to offer!

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