Boating This Summer

By | May 9, 2013

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BaylinerIf anyone has spent any amount of time here in Sarasota, they know that our gulf and bay waters are among the best in the state for fishing and pleasure boating.  This Spring, as I was putting around the bay, I decided to scope out the new  summer island hangout” where I usually find myself and my friends on Memorial Day or Fourth of July weekend and many other weekends.

Usually, I can count on pulling my boat up up to Sanddollar Island which is in Big Pass on the way out from the bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Usually this island is about one or two acres in size and can accommodate many boats and families and offers the most spectacular aqua waters and incredible forever views into the horizon. This year, Sanddollar has washed away as our islands sometimes do with changing winds and storms.

This year, I will be enjoying a smaller peninsula-type island that actually attaches to the North end of Crescent Beach right around the corner from old Sanddollar Island and is in the Gulf of Mexico. This will take some getting used to, but I think I will be able to handle it as I relax in the 85-degree crystal blue waters with my beverage of choice enjoying friends and family and doing absolutely nothing for at least a few hours. So look for me at the peninsula in front of The Terrace building by the Siesta Key Village this summer…I’ll save you a cold one.

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