How Low Is The Inventory? Let’s Use Voodoo Houseanomics

By | May 1, 2013

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george-hw-bush-picturePrices are way, way up this year due to low inventory – that’s good for underwater owners and investors alike. Currently there are just three single family homes under $100,000 for sale in Sarasota that were built since Bush The First came into office (and just 7 since Reagan was in charge). There are still opportunities for someone to make a profit but the prices are only going one direction!

Here’s our actual inventory count on single family homes, sorted by Presidency:


# Of Available Houses
Under $100k 1
$100k-$250k 17
$250k-$500k 40
$500k-$1 Million 25
$1+ Million 45

Bush 2

# Of Available Houses
Under $100k 2
$100k-$250k 22
$250k-$500k 96
$500k-$1 Million 79
$1+ Million 97


# Of Available Houses
Under $100k 3
$100k-$250k 41
$250k-$500k 160
$500k-$1 Million 106
$1+ Million 132

Bush 1

# Of Available Houses
Under $100k 3
$100k-$250k 52
$250k-$500k 185
$500k-$1 Million 132
$1+ Million 143


# Of Available Houses
Under $100k 7
$100k-$250k 94
$250k-$500k 232
$500k-$1 Million 158
$1+ Million 161


# Of Available Houses
Under $100k 61
$100k-$250k 218
$250k-$500k 314
$500k-$1 Million 251
$1+ Million 243

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