A Sarasota Love Story

By | March 5, 2013

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I never grow tired of hearing stories of a young Sarasota and this one is a love story. Sarasota is such a wonderful place to live and I suppose anyone with a heart can feel that too! Along with all that, we are lucky to have a wonderful historian and writer in our midst to share it with us these historical facts. His name is Jeff LaHurd and he’s reported stories and written books for years about the history of Sarasota.

Quintessential SarasotaOne of my favorite books of his is ‘Quintessential Sarasota’ which everyone should own. Every so often he throws out a surprise to us and I want to share with you a story he published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune last week. A perfect love story about Verona Freeman and Owen Burns who came to Sarasota a long time ago.. As you travel through town you’ll see reference of this wonderful family, some of our very first settlers..

Enjoy.. and please look up his books, he’s written many.

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