By | January 26, 2013

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Healty Homes Air Duct CleaningThe Healthy Homes Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialists would know.

If air flows through dirty ducts,  it is a fact that you’re A/C system is working harder increasing your utility bill and  the air in your home might be polluted with dust, mold, bacteria, animal hair, etc… Think about what your ceiling fan blades would look like if you never cleaned them…  same thing goes with the A/C ducts.. Take a moment to see what’s  lurking in your ducts at www.HealthyHomesforall.com   It is also a good idea if you’re buying a new home or in your current home to schedule a maintenance on your air ducts and dryer vents every year or as recommended by the certified air duct cleaning professional.

True story…most recently, my parents mentioned to me that it seemed every time the A/C unit came on  and the air would blow through the vents is when they would start to cough, sneeze and experience headaches and really couldn’t figure out what was causing these symptoms. Through our own investigation, we noticed that there was black mold forming on the outside of the ceiling air vents which we then determined that might be the culprit but we weren’t sure.  I immediately called Healthy Homes Air Duct Cleaning (from a recommendation) and spoke with David who answered my call right away, understood the necessity of the concern and scheduled an appointment  to inspect their home and the problem that afternoon. ..sure enough.. the A/C  Ducts needed a  thorough cleaning as determined they were breathing  mold “indoor air pollution” from their vents on a daily basis. The job was performed with the utmost professionalism from  the chemicals used to the whole vacuum cleaning process and reasonably priced too! Their entire home now smells fresh and all the air ducts are like new again.. Healthy Homes Air Duct Cleaning is on my list of recommendations for happy parents now breathing healthier clean air in their home.  Visit  www.HealthyHomesforall.com  for more information on their Services in the Sarasota and surrounding areas.

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