Condominium Investments in Sarasota

By | December 4, 2012

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Each “season” (typically January-April) here in Sarasota, real estate investors and part-time condominium users/investors come down  looking for great deals on Siesta Key and our other barrier islands that will create a return on their investment through rentals and will also appreciate over the years they own the property. Are you one of those Buyers? If so, we can help…

We know which condo complexes are the best ones, typically, to help you accomplish your wishes and goals and we can help you estimate what your return of your investment and cap rate could look like. Is investing in a Siesta Key condo right for you and your future? Is the stock market better?

Start out by talking about it with your family or investment counselor. If you decide to explore condo investment, call The Cleary Group! The second step is to plan a trip down to Sarasota. Generally, our slowest months here are August and September and are a good time to buy-pricewise, though inventory can be limited. Inventory begins to peak in early February as Sellers place their units for sale during our busy selling season. Your third step is once you settled on a few condo units, let’s sit down and run potential numbers of what the unit could do-rent wise and how that investment looks.  No method is exact and we would never guarantee or warrant results but can certainly give you a good point in the right direction and arm you with some important facts and useful knowledge. Of course, your final decision to buy should involve your investment counselor and all information should be verified as closely as possible. Let us help get you to that point…

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