Buccaneers Football

By | September 27, 2012

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NFL football is back and we are 3 weeks into the season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers record is 1 – 2 so far. Not the start they were hoping to have under new head coach Greg Schiano.

With the slow start, it is not going to help the Bucs fans get motivated to go to the games. That’s what would be needed to end the long black outs of the games on TV in our local market. Most of their games were blacked out last year and the home opener was blacked out in week 1 this season.

The Washington Redskins are coming to town this week and with a 4:15pm kickoff it looks like this game will be blacked out too. If the Bucs can start winning I am sure the fans will start attending the games.

For more information on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit their website.

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