Guy Fawkes Day

By | September 16, 2012

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Guy Fawkes Day, also known as Bonfire Night—is marked across the United Kingdom with bonfires, fireworks and effigies of Guy Fawkes.
This event marks the 1605 attempt by conspirators one of them being Guy Fawkes to assassinate James 1 of England and blow up the houses of parliament.  It has been a tradition for over 400 years to mark the failed Gunpowder plot as it is known, on November 5th.
If you are a UK resident missing this tradition, or anyone just interested in this piece of history, you should check out the Guy Fawkes celebration held in Kissimmee. They have traditional English foods and Ales, along with games, and a competition for the best Guy.  Do not get too attached to your Guy, as they all get thrown on the Bonfire. The evening ends with a fabulous fireworks display.

I went with my family last year and had a great time.   I will keep you posted  with more information on this fun event.
“Remember Remember the 5th of November”.


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