Sarasota in Top 100 Best Communities for Youth

By | September 15, 2012

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Sarasota County was recently named to the top 100 best communities for Youth. This is the second time for such an honor for the county. Specifically, the award is named America’s Promise Alliance’s 100 Best Communities for Young People presented by ING. Sarasota received this honor based on several criteria including: “its outstanding and innovative work in addressing the high school dropout crisis and for its programs and services that make it an outstanding place for youth to live, learn and grow.”

Additionally, Sarasota County won the honor based on its emphasis on education and youth safety. The article states, “Sarasota has made education a top priority with programs like the Early Learning Coalition and Literacy Empowers All Families. The Early Learning Coalition integrates leadership and community resources to promote high-quality early education and family support by allocating resources to the school system and implementing programs for childhood development and readiness.”

A community celebration is planned for early 2013. For more information, contact CYD at 941-922-5126 or by email to To read the entire article, click here.

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