Sarasota History Alive 30th Edition

By | July 12, 2012

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Dr. Cullen Bryant Wilson was born July 11, 1878 in the eastern part of what is today Sarasota County. His father, Augustus Wilson, was the first Postmaster of Miakka (today spelled Myakka). Dr. Wilson became the first native born physician to establish a long term practice in the area. He worked here from 1907 until 1941. Among his other accomplishments, he was President of the First Bank and Trust Company. He also owned the first automobile in Sarasota.

In 1907 Dr. Wilson purchased the home located on the southeast corner of Ringling Boulevard and South Orange Avenue from Edgar Ferdon, a local architect. The house was not only the Wilson home, but also Dr. Wilson’s medical office. He and his wife Fannie (the daughter of Sarasota pioneer C.L. Reaves) had two sons who were born in the home.

The Wilson house, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, was saved from demolition in 2004 and moved to its present location of 4012 Honore Avenue at Urfer Family Park.

Courtesy of Sarasota History Alive!

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