Sarasota History Alive 25th Edition

By | April 11, 2012

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Sarasota, in the 1920’s, was a city caught up in the great Florida Land Boom. Every time you opened the paper real estate prices were creeping up, and fortunes seemed ready to be made. You had just one small problem. In order to get the well-to-do to invest, you needed to turn this city into a resort vacation destination. However, it had no premier hotel to bring these potential buyers to. Oh sure, you had the Belle Haven Inn and a few other older, smaller hotels, but nothing that would rate four stars in Fodors. So what do you do?

Well, if you’re Ralph Caples and W.C. Towles you talk to your good friend and Scottish Industrialist, Andrew McAnsh. After all, McAnsh had already wintered here for a few years, and he didn’t need convincing Sarasota could do with better digs. Towles, knowing well McAnsh’s Scottish pride, easily pitched the idea to him by saying, “You Scotsmen put Sarasota on the map; now it is time for you to give it a first class hotel!”

Courtesy of Sarasota History Alive!

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